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Please Read!

★ Welcome to the How To Train Your Dragon group! ★
This group is for artists who loved the movie and would like to submit their art and/or just watch other submissions.

So here are the rules:
• Please only submit finished artwork.

• NO screenshots, manipulations or movie scene GIFs.

• Sketches and doodles are fine, so long as you put them in the SKETCH folder.

• WIP's aren't welcomed.

• We'd prefer if you submitted characters in the movie only, rather than a character heavily based off of Hiccup or Toothless, or any of the other characters within the movie.

• Original characters are okay, though, but not preferred.

• Submissions to the featured folder are automatically declined, no matter how good or "bad" the art.

• This is a Fanart-based group. Stamps, animations, pictures, tutorials, comics, etc, all welcomed and loved. Submit anything you like as long as the character you've drawn or are drawing was in the movie or book! Enjoy yourself, and tell a friend to join.

• No porn, please.

- - -

Submission guide
Hiccup and Toothless Folder: This folder is for drawings of hiccup and toothless only.

Singles: This folder is for drawings of any viking characters by themselves.

Couples: This folder is for drawings of any couples that consist of characters from the books, movie, or TV show.

Dragons: This folder is for drawings of any dragons seen in the movies or read in the books.

Crossovers: This folder is for any drawing that contains HTTYD characters with or dressing/referencing characters/themes that are well known in other fandoms.

Vikings: This folder is for drawings of vikings seen in the movies, read in the books, or seen in the TV show.

Comics: This folder is for drawings of comics, whether they're smalls trips or full-blown does not matter.

Miscellaneous: This folder is for things like memes, work that does not fit the other folders, etc.

Fan Characters: This folder is for drawings of your HTTYD OCs, even with canon characters. If it has any FC at all put it here.

Literature: This folder is for writing and/or fanfiction.

Sketches. Linearts. Doodles: This folder is for rough/raw art. If you submit a lineart into this folder you are giving others permission to color it, just so you know.

Stamps.Icons.Animations: Self-explanatory.

Cosplay. Plushies. Crafts.: Anything that was crafted or is a cosplay goes in this folder. Anything hand-made of a dragon, viking, or in-movie/in-book character.
Hello everyone!

With the new year here, we are looking for a few extra people to help out with this group. I guess with time, people's plans changed and they aren't around as much as the used to be.

Basically we need people to help us stay on top of accepting and sorting through art submissions. We also haven't had any events in a long time, so anyone who's extra passionate who wants to toss ideas or spearhead some competitions would be great. With Dragon 2 coming out this summer, things are really going to be picking up in a few months, so we will need extra hands to keep the place lively and handle all the fan art.

So message the group with a note or leave a comment below showing interest and we will contact you with a couple questions. Don't worry, requirements aren't too steep :)

(turns out I think I don't have the power to make people admin, so it might be a day or two until I reach someone who does.)
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Hello! I'm new here . I love very much the movies How To Train Your Dragon, also I love and the episodes, I saw the entire season 1 , and the season 2 , except ep 14 . I'm waiting for season 3. I want to join in this wonderful group, but I can't find the join button,can you help me ?
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